Sunday, March 23, 2008

E.H.B. (Exploration of Human Body)

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Recently I just addicted with this variety show. This is one the show that I just rob from my sister friend. Featuring Super Junior m('=^_^=).

This show do some wierd experience to SuJu members. And sometimes also gave a total wierd tips.

For the sense of humor sense and science sake.. DO WATCH THIS SHOW AND YOU WON'T REGRET!!

Honestly!! This show really fun, no matter how many times I re-watched them, it's still gave me a big loud laugh!

Here some proof how wierd this show was

Put a fishbowl on our head underwater
(And who do you think you are? Sandy Squirel from SpongeBob?)

Sneezing in front of hi-mo camera

Wearing wierd glasses to collect your tears

Spined 30 times on a spinning device

Do the Octopus dance alone

Or with some friends

Doing the famous titanic scenes

Riding on a.. HORSE??

Reading about Girrafe underwater?

Smelling people feet with your eyes closed??

Trust me, this is a MUST SEEN SHOW!! Give you a lot of wierd knowledge. It's easy to find this show on YOUTUBE ^_^.

Anyway.. I've decided... I take Dong Hae and Kyu Hyun as my fave member of SuJu... lalalala~.

l : Kyu Hyun, r : Dong Hae

Didn't mean to fangirling them, just put them on my Harem Cage box.. mwahahahahaha.. -put Dong Hae and Kyu Hyun together in the corner of the box fufufu~ ^_^-.

And now.. off to watch Full House another show by SuJu... dum dum dum~

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