Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lee Ki Woo .. NOT a Muslim!

Today when I'm trolling around the web, somehow I stumble into Indonesian Google auto result which said "Aktor Korea Muslim" (Muslim Korean Actor) and it tickles, since I'm also a muslim, and know there's some Korean who also a Muslim, but to found out a real actor is a Muslim?? honestly.. I feels like I found a hidden treasure.

Then I found out, this Korean actor is Lee Ki Woo (이기우) and this is the way he looks.

Ow yeah.. HE'S HOT!!

Then I start to find out more about him.

Actually at first, I stumble into this Malaysian blogger, who cheers about the fact Lee Ki Woo is a muslim. Then I start to find other article, and other things to read.

But then, I feel something not right. Most blog or article are written in Bahasa (Indonesian) or Malay. More of it.. I can't find the source for his profile.

here's one example of Lee Ki Woo's profile that been copy pasted almost everywhere.

As you can see.. there's no source for the profile. Then I just curious... because in every Lee Ki Woo's 'international profile' that I look (such as dramawiki, asiandramawiki) there's no sign about his religion. All you can find just some comment which ask if he's really a muslim.

So I started my searching. My first stop is.. of course wikipedia. So I looked into his Korean Wikipedia , and instantly I read this 종교 : 천주교 .. well tho I could read hangul, but my Korean is total suck, so I just put it on Google translate and the result is.. Religion : Catholic. try it yourself if you don't believe me lol.

But that's not satisfied me. I start to search again.. and I stumble into soompi's thread for Lee Ki Woo, which already start from 2007. And there's an entry about his interview IN 2007.

And among his Q&A there's something like this :

Well, of course that's not a credible fact. But if he's really a muslim. He supposed to pray 5 times a day. Not only at night.

Then I try to search again, and suddenly stumble into this

I also stumble into this one Indonesian blog who I think also become sources for some Indonesian blog. because unlike other blog, this one tell the source.

The source came from

But if you pay attention in, there's no Birth of Date, no School and the MOST FATAL FACT IN THERE IS.. "I am 175 centimeters" PUHAHAHAHAHA.. what kind of bullshit is this??

When I google-ing into Lee Ki Woo's Korean pages, people keeps on saying how tall he is. And most of them guess his height is around 187-190cm.


So, I rest my case!

  • It's true that his only credible religion fact just from his Korean Wikipedia
  • But I also can't find the proof that he's a Muslim either
  • Lastly, He can't be 175cm .. HE SO DAMN TALL

And if you don't believe me about his tall. Go watch his latest drama which still airing now in Korea Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

So my conclusion.. He's not a muslim, not until someone can give me a solid proof, not only some copy paste stuff.

And Ladies (also Gents, lol) before you copy paste some stuff, please check about the fact first! or at least, write your source.. so you won't feel like an idiot when your fact turns out wrong.

Before I go, I just want to say -tho it got nothing to do with my entry theme lol- but celebrity also a human too. Lee Ki Woo's face, is not so smooth after all. But at least this pic been taken back in 2007 lol.. ENJOY!


Nabilah Faridz said...

omo. is he muslim or not ? ohmy, i'm just copy paste his profile. well, i know about him from my friend. She told me, she have search more about him. most tell he is muslim but. . .ermm, i'm going to search through about him more. But, my friend have read an article about his history.

Die-chan said...

Hi Nabilah, thanks for stopping by :).

Well until now I'm not really sure myself. But like I said, I can't find the fact that he's a muslim from a credible source :).

All those words saying he's a muslim never write in any 'known' site. And the only source with English language which said Lee Ki Woo is a muslim put some strange fact about Lee Ki Woo the Korean actor that we're all talked about. Beside his height, his favorite food also different. The Actor one love Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) :)

Can you please tell me where is this article that your friend have read? I might put it as a credible source then.

emma said...

thanks a lot for this info ! Even me thought that he was a muslim , lol .

SarasVashti said...

Well I think whatever his religion is doesn't matter as long as he keeps playing great role. Religion is not something to brag about. The important thing is how you applicate what you've got from your faith (the good stuffs not the anarchist one). So I guess his religion thing is none of everyone's business.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, he is not a muslims. A korean actor being muslim would be very rare. It's not true until he says it with his own mouth.

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. finally know the truth.. although I ws happy when I found out he was a moslem.. but honestly, I half believed it.. It's rare to find korean moslem artist..
Thank you for the info.. :D

allabouthazty said...
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agadeer said...

Did you check his facebook?? It says hes muslim in his profile and he never denied this fact altough its spread on the websites

DareDarou said...

hi agadeer.

Is that facebook made by himself? ^_^. I believe it just made by fans.

But if you think he is a muslim then go ahead ^_^ I never say that you have to stop think that he is not a muslim.

I just bring up some fact here whether you want to believe it or not is depends on you :)