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Silhouette From The Skylit (Fangirling Style)

Hokay people..

Almost a year I haven't touch this blog.. now I'm back.. back and right now I'm gonna talk about this one ABSOLUTELY COOL GREAT BAND from Japan that everybody should know.

Oh before I started.. I won't talk about their bio or something.. since as the title said.. this is fangirling style, so if this entry is weird for you.. let be it.. please! XDD

So, let's meet Silhouette From The Skylit .. I believe they're from Fukuoka (hey, I don't know much about these guys since all their bio is written in Japanese and I can't read any Japanese character XD). 

yes.. I stole this one XD *one honest fangirl

How could I end up to know this band?? Well it's a long story.. I could tell you step by step process but it will take 2 days to finished reading it.. dare to do it?? Yeah, so let's leave it haha..

Hmm~ what else I could say, oh of course.. their members 
Right now Silhouette From The Skylit (SFTS for shorts.. and why they choose this long name as their band name, only them and God knows, I believe *get a rider kick from all SFTS members)

Anyway there's 4 members. They are.. John, Paul, George and Ringo.. who formed a boyband.. 

*runs away from SFTS members who chase me with machetes ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(´༎ຶД༎ຶ)┘

What do you mean I'm talking about the whole different band?

Aww~ alright, so here it is, I present you four young men with no beard, no scars, and never use any pink accesories (I'm honest about this fact) : 

  • SeshiroX (Vo)
  • Rockwell (Gt, Programming, Cho)
  • TetsuroW (Ba, Cho)
  • K.O.U. (Dr, Cho)

Actually not sure what Cho stands for.. perhaps for cho~ kawaii desu ne bahahaha, ok just kidding. But these guys are indeed cute with their own way.. trust me *nods.

All I know about these guys is some miscellaneous unimportant fact, which perhaps you can't find in their bio.. anywhere.

Something like, SeshiroX start to be a bear brick collector lately, or Rockwell (oh btw I call him as Tomo) also owns some bear bricks but SeshiroX refused to call Tomo as an expert collector (ノ∀´゚). 
And Tetsuro have one picture album full with food pictures in his facebook page ^^. Last but not least, K.O.U. is known as Animal Hakase (why he got this nick name? That's right, only him and God who knows.. er! ok, perhaps because he love animal soooo much ^_^).

So far SFTS owns two PV ... the reason why I'm not talking about their music from the start.. because you have to listen to it by yourself. I won't give you any opinion beside IMHO .. THEY'RE GREAT! What do you expect from a biased fangirl anyway? (but don't get distracted by this, pweasee!!).

So here it is, two of their PV .. hopefully they will make like 500 PV in the future ha!

Why I asked you to listen to them without knowing any background except their drummer is an animal lovers.. because.. that what you should do, d'uh..

Okay, here's a story. Actually I keep on talking about this band in my twitter, EVERY SINGLE DAY!! But in Bahasa (Indonesian).

I keep on talk and talk and fangirling and talk and fangirling.. well you know.. till my followers who understand Bahasa gets crazy about it ・゚・(ノ∀´゚)・゚・

And no.. I never say anything about their music, I just fangirling them.. in my own way hahahaha. But because I continuously fangirling about SFTS, somehow.. some of my friend is getting curious LOOOL

Well not so many people, but so far there's 4 people who already asking about this band to me. Funnily tho I never talk about their music, 4 of them asking me about how SFTS sounds.

  • My first victim, her bias is NEWS and L'arc en Ciel. And her comments after watching to SFTS is, "Whoa, they're music is great!!" (well she comments it in Bahasa tho, but I'll translate it to something similiar XD)
  • My second victim, his bias is old school metal band such as Napalm Death, Anthrax, Kreator stuff. And his comment is, "Wow.. I feel young again!!" and when I asked him if he's serious or not he said, he means it, he actually liked it!
  • My third victim, his bias is Kuroyume and his taste more to visual kei-ish .. kinda XD. So his comment is, "Well, their music fits me"
  • The fourth victim, her bias is.. ahem~ actually I'm not sure, but she's an expert player of Drum Mania arcade XD. And her comment is, "Aww yeah, their song is Great!!"

All I did just show them SFTS PV *well except for the 3rd victims, he goes browsing by himself and report his comments to me lol*

That's why .. please.. please give your time to listen to their music. You don't need to tell me what you think about them. But I think you won't waste your time.

I love this band.. I love all the members, they all so nice and all of them are great guys ... love love love love love all of them ^_^ (well ok, K.O.U. got a little big portion from me hahahaha) ..

I really want to see this band to be a very big band, who's not only play in small live house *one day I almost cried when I saw how small their stage also the crowd stand, and make a fuss about it. But some friend sooth me by saying it's normal (oh ok, so I'm not the one who's normal here bahahaha).

But really, I hate the fact that our local bands who covered j-music songs have bigger stage and crowds, tho they play it in bunkasai or local matsuri..

but still.. it's not fair :(

Silhouette from the skylit need a chance to be big, and I know they could do it!

Obtw they will released their first full album this October 3rd which called Arche. o(゜∇゜*o)(o*゜∇゜)o~♪

I believe you already can pre-order it at CD Japan and Amazon Japan..

CD Japan - Silhouette from the skylit album

For more information about them, and more song about them you could try below links :

Silhouette From The Skylit official site
Silhouette From The Skylit - Facebook fanpage
Silhouette From The Skylit - Audioleaf
Silhouette From The Skylit - MySpace

I really want to say thank you to all SFTS member who's been sooo nice all this time.

Believe it or not, lately they always keep on reporting about their shows. It's really means a lot for me as an overseas fans. Who only could envy those people who can come to their show.

I hate my destiny as an overseas fans who only could stares at their pictures, and only understand a little about their report, which been made in Japanese (thank you Google Translate, but ... well let's admit it, you're a crap).

I always feel jealous when other people could say how great SFTS shows last night.. ( p′︵‵。) while me.. I only could say, "Good luck for tonight show!" .. which mean nothing anyway.. it's not like my words will give them 100% extra energy or what ever :( .. such useless fans (ρ_;)

Thank you for making these great music guys.. I really love you all, and care sooooo much about all of you SFTS members... wish you will be a great big band soon. Played in a big stage, big crowds. I really wish I could be parts of the story of Silhouette From The Skylit (இ(エ)இ`)

Osyit I've made another long entry -_- .. will anyone read this anyway XDD .. but hopefully not any SFTS members LOL.

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