Sunday, December 30, 2012

500th entry - my 2012 Precious Treasures

So, this is my 500th entry since I start to write for this blog. Not much huh, anyway.. I dedicated this entry for these!!

My Precious Treasures of 2012

And these are just a few of them ^_^

But most important is,  deeply thanks all my friends who fulfill my dreams to have these precious treasures in 2012, because most of the stuff are from my friend, or I have it with help of a friend ^_^

These three stuff are my main interest now of these days :

  • Gamblerz Crew
  • Darth Maul
  • Silhouette From The Skylit

So here's the story


Tho I already like Darth Maul since some years back, this year I decide to start my own collection. That's because I found this at one store, and it's on discount LOL

So I manage to buy two other Darth Maul, and my two other friend gave me another two Darth Maul figurine .. so I have 5 collectible Darth Maul in total now... well, I also have Monopoly Star Wars edition, which I buy because there's Darth Maul in it. And I don't have a chance to play it even for once lol.

So, here are my Darth Maul collection.


Actually Gamblerz is the oldest fandom I had between the other two. I like them since 2006, But only this November a friend of mind give me her Gamblerz T-shirt. It's not new, but she bought this direcly at Gamblerz studios. She didn't use it anymore so she give it to me, and keep on asking me over and over again is it really okay since it's a used T-shirt.. Jojo, you don't know how happy I am. I'm the happiest girl in town using Gamblerz T-shirt ^_^)b


My latest fandom, and I think the most serious one lol.*stares at my other previous entry for this year lol

So yeah, I'm head to toe about this band. Love every inches of them.

Such a coincidence when a friend of mine went to Japan, then one day after she landed, Shiruetto's Full Album 'Arche' were released ^^.

So yeah, thanks to my friend who finally manage to find these for me

So at the above are my most precious things. But beside that, I also have some cool stuff that I can't neglected just like that, just because they are not my main interest ^^

L'arc en Ciel concert
misc stuff
Well, actually this is kinda epic, since at first I don't have any intention to watch it. But anyway I managed buy the ticket cheaply and enjoy the whole concert. Next Laruku concert I might be in VVIP and stares at Ken's zippers LMAO

Official Ken's Guitar Pick

My bias loooooong long time ago was Tetsu, but well, going home from Laruku's concert, it's gradually change into KEN!!!!

So here I am, finding myself buying his official pick.. well just one tho, the other two is for my friend lol.

Signed MUCC's poster

And yes.. THIS!! after awesome meet and greet with MUCC and Miya-san manage to suck my soul out, I receive this ^_^ it was fun to have it tho just for a few days lol.

Well actually I give this poster to my friend who already help me to buy Shiruetto's CD hahaha. Why?? Because she actually a BIG FANS of MUCC, and while MUCC had concert in Jakarta, she still in Japan *yep, to buy my CD lol *well kinda* And because I manage to fall in love with Miya-san, which is her bias LMAO so I feel oblige to give this poster to her hahaha. N'ah, I just know how it feels when your favorite band in town and you can't watch it, just because you went to their hometown XD

So, those are greatest thing that happen to me this year..

not to mention about my trip to Singapore ^_^ which is also awesome. My first time going abroad all alone!

I wish next year will be as splendid as this year.

Well I lost my dad this year, it was sad.. But tho he's not with me any longer, he will always in my heart ^_^

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