Saturday, December 08, 2012

SFTS's Rockwell - Lala House song 〜♥

This morning I've read a post from Tomo (or Rockwell) at twitter.

he upload his song in SoundCloud then put a cute pic on Path then posted it in Twitter and Facebook .. social media power huh lol.

So anyway, this song of his which called Lala House Song .. it just so .. sooo~~ sooooo~ lovely.

Makes you wants to go outside in an open air, a field full with fresh grass and flower, having a nice picnic, playing kites, playing soccer, take a dip in a lake, take a deep fresh air .. do you get my point here??

yes, I stole it from Tomo's path XD 

Please find the song after the jump .. and if you don't feel like rolling down the hill full with flowers after listening this song .. well, perhaps you just not in the mood -_-

I've listened this song over and over and over and over and over and.. oh yeah well, you know what I mean.

PS : Tomo .. I still want your metal slime figurine ∩(♨_♨)∩

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