Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kiriyama Renn ~ Indonesia skalee!!

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A couple of week ago my sister recieve her Kiriyama Renn Mobius Photobook. She dance all over for that photobook since she love Renn just like I love Yugepon -_-.

So anyway, those dances won't last long, when she started to turned the first page.

She yelled and this is why

Heeeh?? Dilarang mengambil air laut di Lagoon?

her comment...

"He might be think it's so cool to have a picture under foreign language sign"

First of all, she thinks Renn's photobook location was in Malaysia.

But not after she saw this pic

My GOD!! IKLAN INDOMIE??? Bahkan ada yang ExtraJoss juga kalo nggak salah -_- ... Renn Darling!! BAD CHOICE OF LOCATION DEAR!!!

Why people want to have a pic next to Indomie commercial.. dooh~

But nothing more... er~ 'cool' than this one!!


now we all SURE Renn took pic in Indonesia.

In Bali actually, before you guys scream from the top of your lung and shout, "Kiriyama Renn Was in JAKARTA??"

You can't find lagoon in Jakarta, though you could find thousand of gerobak BAKSO!!

Oh well~ so that's the story, at first I want to put the title as, "Kiriyama Renn~ Kaw Kampung sekaleee!!" but I really consider about my sis feeling hehehe, she already told me not to mock her hubby anyway, lol.

-Die-chan who sometimes mix Kiriyama Renn name, with Akiyama Ren.

tadaaa~ Akiyama Ren desu!!

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