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Nyaan~ finally, got Shindo Gaku pics as Ad on Sazer X ^_^ -big thanks to Tian who let me to borrow his Sazer X special twice nyahah-

So Ladies and gentlemen.. this is how Shindo Manabu Gaku looks like on Sazer X.

Gaku as Ad @ Sazer X

No wonder I don't recognize him on the first place. He didn't looks like Bane-san at all ¬_¬.

Oh yeah, I also laugh my heart out when I heard him shout "Eagle Typhoon". -salah satu jurus dia lah-... he just so... er~

So anyway.. Gaku -who still use 'Manabu' as his name on Sazer X- is not the only one TeniMyu guys who's been played on tokusatsu. so here are the list with piccies.

Some become the main character on the story, some only appeared as guess stars

Kamen Rider

Katou Kazuki - Kamen Rider Drake / Daisuke Kazama

Hyottei's Atobe Keigo were played as Kazama Daisuke on Kamen Rider Kabuto. Though he's not the main character, but he do appeared on some episode -though you only could watch him on some early episode. And on the very last episode.. but that last appearance just so.. nggak penting ¬_¬-.

Morimoto Ryoji - Kamen Rider Chalice / Aikawa Hajime

I don't think any of you watch him played on screen as Kawamura Takashi on the very first TeniMyu show. Because he only played as Taka-san respectively on Summer Run (August 07-15 '03).

He was Aikawa Hajime on Kamen Rider Blade. Also not a main character, but at least he got lot's of role in there.

Kotani Yoshikazu

I don't know if any of you know that Kotani were played at Kamen Rider Agito. And he still look so cute my~ I wish he had that face forever...

He appeared only as guess star in Agito as Majima Kouji. He also made appearance on Justirizer.


Suzuki Hiroki - Kandou Jan / GekiRed

No need to talk much about this one. Seigaku's 2nd Gen Oishi Shuichiro. Played as Kandou Jan on Gekiranger -perhaps the most wellknown sentai for girls in town.

Oh yeah, of course there's also Araki who played in here, but since he's not the hero part, and personally dislike him so I don't put his name in here lol.

Saitou Yasuka - Inou Masumi / BoukenBlack

Saitou Yasuka who played as Hirakoba Rin from Higa Chuu was BoukenBlack from Boukenger.


Aoyama Souta - Touma Kaitou / Ultraman Max

Took me quite a long time to realize that Souta was our Ultraman Max ¬_¬.

Watanabe Daisuke - Ikaruga George

Also took me some time to realize that Seigaku's 4th gen Tezuka were played on Ultraman Mebious ¬_¬ ...

tch~ what's wrong with me and these ultraman guys?? Why I always took a long time to realize -_-..

Other Tokusatsu

Well, beside Gaku and also Kotani who appeared in Chou Sheishin series, there's also this Tokusatsu series, but I bet you already know it.

Konishi Hiroki/Ryousei - Saejima Kouga / GARO

Fudomine's Ibu Shinji played as the main character GARO.

I love this pic so much ^_^

Saitou Takumi

I don't know if you realize this.. But Saitou Takumi did appeared as a guss star on GARO ^_^, though he only shows for a couple of second lalala~

note ga penting : if you watch this Takumi Episode, you'll see Yuge appereance as the dead boyffriend -cursed the girl who killed all the men, though I'm not sorry at all, when she killed Takumi nyahaha-

So that's the list... I probably would make some BuriMyu Toku list next time.. depends on my mood though lalala~

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