Monday, October 08, 2012

Jrock Evolution 2012 - Jakarta (and MUCC meet and greet)

Last night was one of the most EPIC night in my life.

Jrock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta. UniTe, MUCC, Alice Nine

At first I don't want to go, since I'm more interested to Japanese Indies bands instead of Visual Kei band which are in JRE band lists.

But then suddenly I got invitation to go.. so I go. When you have a chance to see MUCC, then you shouldn't pass it. And this is the best thing ever happen for this year.

This event is a BIG REUNION of old friends for J-Indo Community (*cough* in other words 'DareDarou'). Lot's of friend to hugs and shakes hands there, not to mention request for taking pictures LOL .. Yes, Die-chan is in the house.

When we finally get into the venue, I have to seat *yes seat! in a chair!* at VIP area. And since I'm ready to fangirling Miya-san from MUCC, I choose to seat at the right hand side of me, and almost at the back row of the seats *which latter on turns out to be a VERY GREAT SPOT TO SEAT AT!*

Oh before I go to the band list.. please don't expect any song list. To be honest I only know 2 MUCC's songs Zetsubou and Daikirai which none of the songs were played last night XD.

So, First Band was UniTe .. They have performance full with energy. I have fun to watch the drummer, and amazed with the fact his hair didn't budge tho he move his head a lot while playing his drum. He also the cutest member of all XDD. UniTe is able to makes me stand up for sometimes and give them applause XD

And MUCC .. at first I was thinking MUCC will be the last performance. So when I saw Yukke standing with his bass *I don't know, but Yukke is the first person I spot, perhaps because of his hair lol* I just jump from my seat.

Tatsurou was able to move the audience, with signs he ask us to shout with him, raise our fist to the beat along with the songs, to jumps, to dance .. he really could did that.

Never in my whole life I jumps and raised my hands for a song as long as last night. Miya-san also did the most solo guitar than any guitarist last night ^_^.

Tatsurou-san is performing in bare feet, after few song he run around the stage, and then pogo dancing *well makes me laugh and said wtf but it was fun to see him lol*

Yukke-san and Satochi-san .. well I only have my eyes for Miya-san *get slapped* .. But Yukke and Satochi  just.. WOW ^^

After MUCC it's time for Alice Nine.. but since I saw they have many fans already, girls are screaming endlessly from the start till the end so I don't really give attention to Alice Nine lol.

But when Alice Nine start to perform, one of my friends come near me and whispered "There's Tatsurou on the back!! He's watching Alice Nine!!" so me and my 'groups' are looking at the pointed direction. AND THERE HE IS!! The big guy Tatsurou, standing tall on the back, with beanie, short, and no make up!!

So me and my groups are moving to the empty seat even nearer to where Tatsurou standing, we're busy tried to capture his looks. But FAILED since it's too dark. Not long from there, Tatsurou walks back to the back stage, and I go (ㆆ﹏ㆆ)

So I go back to my sit, but somehow my friends still stay at their sit and keeps on acting like there's something big still happening at Tatsurou's spot. THEN I REALIZED... MIYA!!! MIYA IS STANDING THERE!! I just fell down on my knees when I realize this LOL.

Again tried to capture Miya's but ALSO FAILED.. all I got just blurred Miya's figure -_- .. my friend is busy telling me and my other friend to be brave to ask Miya to take pictures together. But I keep on saying, "Wait 'till meet and greet!" *later on I know from other stories, UniTe also watching MUCC and Alice Nine but from the back of Festival area, some people noticed them and want to asked picture, but actually it's forbidden

Then show is over, it's time for meet and greet.

There's two meet and greet, with Alice Nine and with MUCC. All VVIP have a chance to meet and greet either with Alice Nine or with MUCC.

During the show, I've been told we could have meet and greet if we pre-ordered MUCC's album for 85k rupiah. All We need to do is put our name in the list and pay down payment for 50k only.

So finally I'm there.. queuing for meet and greet for around half hour neatly, till we saw MUCC comes to the room for meet and greet, and of course we scream XD what do you expect??

Then wait for another 10 minutes, after that I received some information that all we could do just handshakes with all MUCC members.. no pictures :(

VVIP goes first, not so many VVIP's who goes to MUCC's meet and greet. While I think there's more than a hundred participant from pre-ordered CD.

After VVIP's done, it's time for us to get in. We have to go in 10 people in a group. well it doesn't matter anyway.

When I walked into the room, I saw many girls is jumping in glee after receiving posters from Tatsurou.

Satochi was the one who greet first, then Yukke, Miya, Tatsurou is the last one and handing the posters to all Meet and Greet participants.

My friend in front of me starts to get nervous, while all I did just tried to think and focus "Fuck, I have to stay calm after receiving posters from Tatsurou and walk cooly out from the room" lol

Then it's my time. I'm not standing right in front of Satochi-san, but because this FRIEND of mine said quite long stuff to Yukke, and Satochi just stand doing nothing, I just give my hand and said, "Otsukaresama" << btw how to romanji this words anyway?? LMAO .. which Satochi replied the same while bowing a little and shaking my hands.

Next, Yukke. When I already stand in front of him, he look at other places, so I have to call him "Yukke-san" and he goes "Oh!" then we shakes, I said the same thing, he replied the same thing also XD *ga kreatip sayah, tp drpd ngomong hal2 aneh kan ya*

After that~ MIYA-SAN~♥ .. I give my hand saying "Otsukaresama", AND HE GRABS my hand with two hands, he said something while looking into my eyes.. aaandd~ DAFUQ!!! I CAN'T REMEMBERED WHAT HE SAID!!! I'M TOO DUMBFOUNDED!! MIYA SUCK MY SOULS LIKE A DEMENTOR!!

perhaps he replied the same thing, or what ever.. BUT I'M TOO DUMBFOUNDED!! MIYA!!! WHY?? WHY YOU DO THAT?? WHYYYYYYYY!! lol.

Ah yes, but latter on I know he did that to everyone else, so I goes.. meh~ okelah XD

Next is Tatsurou-san. I'm just amazed to see his glasses XD.. said the very same thing... and he replied, "I will come back again!" and I goes, "OH I WILL" <<< WTF KIND OF ANSWER IS THIS?? ARRGGHH!! But anyway I don't think he will care about this LOL .. received my poster, walking out of the room and keep on thinking.. "Why the hell he didn't say Otsukare too??" WHY??" while I walk in blinding smile ever and almost bumping into people.. do I walk out cool enough?? ONLY GOD KNOWS!!

When I'm outside, gathered again with my friends.. open my poster AND FOUND OUT IT'S ALREADY SIGN ... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~ I run around for a while, because after that I just ask my friends, "Which one is Miya's? lol.

So me and my friends make a circles and in a count of three we're scream together XD .. yes, the Idiot troops here bahahaha.

Last night.. is fun! But I can't solve the mystery why I'm not trembling or have any heart thump when I saw those guys.. feels not normal here. I just have a feeling that I will meet them again, in different occasion. Where I still could face them cool enough like last night *and perhaps dumbfounded again like last night.


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