Monday, October 29, 2012

Silhouette From The Skylit at Indonesian Radio ^_^

So it finally happen, Silhouette From The Skylit song is finally played at Indonesian Radio, in a program called Shibuya Big Buzz, Bee FM 90,2 (Jakarta-Bekasi-Bogor range)

Please find how SFTS been introduced for the first time to Indonesian listener after the jumps ^_^)v ..
oh the program is in Bahasa Indonesia tho lol

Seek My Way Out been on aired at 27th October 2012 but too bad, due to bad weather, I'm unable to provide you clear audio sorry!

But anyway, tho by that time so many listener complains about the unclear sounds for the whole program, after SFTS song been played, we gathered some good response.

I mean, it's their first time been on aired. And I bet only few people ever heard their name .. just say majority of the listeners are know nothing about SFTS.

But the response is GREAT!! Not too many people, but as a start.. oh yes, I really love with the listeners reaction ^_^)b

I really must say thank you so much to Senpai Tabe and Senpai Moyo .. *ahum~ not to tell that I've manage to made Tabe completely crazy about Silhouette From The Skylit tho XD* Thanks a lot for your guys help and makes one of my dream to listen SFTS song in Indonesian radio come true (。-`∀・)b

Silhouette From The Skylit .. you guys deserve to be big!! You guys deserve it! (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~☆

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