Monday, January 27, 2014

Septaluck - Silhouette From The Skylit - JAWEYE

So, this week.. these three band been touring together.. and I'm in hype mood.

Fin-san the vocalist of Septaluck (also UnFinished Monster Machine) ex-STACK44 is my favorite person.. 

While Silhouette From The Skylit is my favorite band 

And JAWEYE .. they stunned me with their show back in 17th July 2013, which makes me want to see them again for sure.

Septaluck - SFTS - JAWEYE

The tour of three end up last night, and everybody looks happy..

l-r Seshirox (SFTS), Kouhei (JAWEYE), Fin (Septaluck)
And look at these three handsome vocalist ^_^ .. which I happen to meet them all back in 17th July 2013.. so yeah, this tour really feels surreal for me actually. Because back at that day, I introduced Seshirox to Fin-san. And I was asking SeshiroX to tell Kouhei-san that I was there and wants to talk to him ^_^.

And I feel grateful because both Septaluck and Silhouette From The Skylit are spazzing me with a lot of their pictures so even tho I'm not there, but I could feel the awesomeness around them ^_^

This all start at Takamatsu, when Silhouette From The Skylit having lunch and accidentally Septaluck also choose the very same restaurant for their lunch.. so, this is their very first encounter as a band ^_^ (and yes.. I almost jumping around when I know this XD)

Septaluck and Silhouette From The Skylit

Before this happen, one or two days before, TetsuroW (SFTS bassist) recognize Chu (Septaluck bassist) as ex-DDT's bassist.. I don't know what exactly happen, but it got something to do with Chu's old band with TetsuroW's old band which called Zoy.

So, the first member who become close between two band are Chu and TetsuroW ^_^ *they looks like brother aren't they? cute ^_^

Chu (Septaluck) and TetsuroW (SFTS)
The interaction between Septaluck and Silhouette From The Skylit continued when SFTS had an in-store live event at Tower Records Fukuoka.. Septaluck and JAWEYE were watching this event.. ain't that sweet ^_^

SFTS in-store live feat. Fin-san's head and this pic been taken by JAWEYE's member
So anyway the tour end up in Hiroshima last night, somehow all the members from three bands enjoy taking pictures.. which is makes me feel very happy and makes me hard to move on from all this hype lol... I mean there's picture of all three bands, then the three vocalist together.. there's also three drummer picture, and double Kosuke picture .. it just awesome!!

Three drummer : Uchi (Septaluck), K.O.U. (SFTS), Chan-Atsu (Jaweye)

Double Kosuke : Big Kosuke (SFTS), Small Kosuke (JAWEYE)
*Reading the story about this double Kosuke makes me laugh, since for the last 3 days it's like a screw up day where whenever people called 'Kosuke' then both of them will respond LOL

This epic tour for me been closed with the story about Fin-san was going back to Tokyo.. along with Silhouette From The Skylit boys.. which is makes me rolls on the floor XDD

Seriously, when I introduce Fin-san to SeshiroX, I never expect that they will have a chance to be in one stage, then hang out together.. I really never imagine that.. 

So when I found out they will be together in Graf live house in Fukuoka .. I was like, "WHAAAAATTT??!!??" and then again... I was wrong, it was not only in Fukuoka, but also in Takamatsu and Hiroshima too.. *rolls rolls on the ground with happiness

I know this is nothing special for anybody. But for me.. it's like my imagination jumps right away from my head and become reality without my realization .. I still feel surreal right now. Especially when I know Fin-san were in one car with SFTS .. that is just insane.. two of my favorites in this world .. just in one place.. just like that.. insane!!! XDD

Anyway, there's also some funny story around this tour, something like when Fin-san have to lost his 5000 yen because one food vending machine.. or like when SeshiroX have to pay Septaluck's meal .. I think Kosuke from Jaweye also have to pay this meal since they both lost in Janken game gyahahahaha. 

not SeshiroX best smile LOL

Kosuke must be crying deep down inside XD

Oh, and there's also one small accident that happen to SeshiroX but thank God everything is okay :) (But I have to admit I'm getting panic when I saw this pic.. but he said he was okay.. so yeah, nothing to worried, he's fine ^_^)

[ALL Pictures credit from every Septaluck - SFTS - JAWEYE member's account that I've been stolen happily lol]



will close this entry with KAT-UCHI signature pose every time they finished a show.. PLEASE ENJOY mwahahaha

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