Sunday, March 09, 2014

Fan sign for Iroiro at 90.2 Trax FM Semarang

Some times ago a friend of mine, one of Iroiro Trax FM Semarang DJ (a Japanese music program) talked to me. He told me that if possible to have fan sign from some Japanese Indies bands that I know.

Well, some of the band songs that I know were played at this iroiro, if it's been played for the first time they will have their own time spot called 'Iroiro spotlight' where their profile been introduced and also they played one or two of their songs like  this Silhouette From The Skylit - Parallel Lines for example.

So, I agree to help him. Then I'm asking the favor to make the fan sign from some bands, which all of them gradually agree, which really touch me ^^.. 

And since I didn't know too many bands, these all I can have. And I really really really appreciate this. Thank you so much guys! my appreciation can't be enough said by mere words

Silhouette From The Skylit

Nothing To Declare


Start of the Day

St. Clair

Thank you so much Silhouette From The Skylit, Nothing To Declare, Loffel, Start Of The Day, St. Clair and ElupiA (click the names to go to their sites)

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