Monday, May 26, 2014

Silhouette From The Skylit - Unsheathed MV

Yesterday there was an announcement that SFTS new MV will be up at 9 PM Japan time.. This song are from their 2nd full album The Reflection which will be released on 2nd July 2014.

Some weeks ago I already know that SFTS are shooting their new MV.

But honestly, I'm not really excited to see this new MV -which called Unsheathed btw-. Just say I don't really like their previous MV 'Never Save You'

Before we talked about their latest MV, let me tell you my opinion about this MV. I really love the song, I do. But to be honest, the models in this clip just kinda freak me out XDD -bro, gak semua bule itu keren, beneran deh- .. Just say, this clip will be much better if only contain SFTS members hahaha.

Second.. I think I still need some adjustment to see TetsuroW's yellow hair XD .. please understand, I already know TetsuroW since he still have his beautiful long black hair

 I really adore his hair until this minute (ཀ ∀ ཀ) so when he finally cut his hair I already feel sad and learn to accept his hair, but when he dyed it into YELLOW HAIR... I JUST.. ( ╥﹏╥) .. you just gone too far this time!!!!! XD

Just say I sit in the corner crying over TetsuroW hair hahahaha.. yeah, I'm that lame -_-

So yeah, Never Save You was not my favorite MV, sorry.. and makes me a little bit skeptical about this following MV.

* please click read more for the new MV*

 Tho I don't expecting much from this MV, and yet I'm still opened their youtube channel and wait.. Need to wait for a few minute before finally it's been upload, and I was the 6th viewers :( ... how come I become the 6th viewers?? SFTS didn't show the links to public yet back then.. so weird!!! *ok, let's pass this fangirl problem lol.


I watched for the first time with a lot of pause .. I feel sureal .. THERE'S TOO MANY AWESOMENESS IN THIS MV THAT I COULD HANDLE!!

But first thing that I can grab was, TetsuroW bass line. I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIS BASS LINE!! I also love to see his move! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!

Next is SeshiroX ... His body looks much firm and looks very nice!! NICE BODY!! lololol. And there's unexplained energy coming from him, like he just blast all of his emotion into one energy, which is very damn cool!

Next is Rockwell ... he looks so energetic but somehow I could feel that he moves more freely than ever, with burst of energy that I can't explained ^_^
-lol, last night I told Rockwell that he looks cool on the MV, and he asked me back, "What? Only at the MV?" and I laugh so hard then told him, "Rockwell is ALWAYS COOL" hahaha-

Last but not least, K.O.U. well, I don't know why but this MV didn't focusing much on K.O.U. but I saw glimpse of his tattoo here and there which is enough for me -I need to explain that I'm K.O.U.'s tattoo's fans. When I met him, first thing I did was telling him to show me his tattoo XDD. 
But anyway, K.O.U. also looks so cool in this MV. Not sure why he's using Yamaha right now, but I could see that he's using those tiger cymbals make his cool point even higher lmao.

Ok, let be honest, until this minute I still can't remember the song ... Never Save You is more, how to say this.. more catchy for my ears.  I love this song, but I had a hard time to remember this song, there's nothing to grab on from this song .. not even the chorus, I don't know how the chorus sounds!! .. or maybe I'm the one who's having a bad memory (ཀ ∀ ཀ).

But you know what.. watching this clip once, twice .. and the above fact still bothering me, but when I watch it for the third time I start don't give it a damn about it .. This song become one of the best song I've ever heard, tho I still can't remember a thing about this song. 

And I finally cried after watching it for the 5th time.

The MV just brain washing me, the song tho can't stuck in my head, yet I still can feel the energy. And I cried because I just realize that I just saw these guys grows within my eyes. And I feel so proud about them. I'm just an overseas fans .. and maybe a lot of fans feels proud with their fandom. But I feel like a proud mom who can see her son growing and achieving something great. Tho I literally did nothing, but that what I feel hahahaha... -and I'm not their mom at all XDD-

Silhouette From The Skylit ... It's really great to watch you guys grow into something great, thank you so much for never let my expectation on you guys down ... Thank you for always giving the best out of you. Tho a lot of people did that, but I can feel the sincere pure energy that you guys give to your music. Thank you so much!!

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