Saturday, November 08, 2014

My Fave Halloween looks from some band members [10 pics]

Well, I don't celebrate Halloween here in Jakarta, but I'm strolling through social media and found some of band members that 'I know' wearing costume, on 31st of October or before.. these are my fave looks ^_^ [which picture I stole from many of their own account.. m(_ _)m]

Man With A Mission

Total Fat

Her Name In Blood [Ikepy]

Her Name In Blood [TJ - Daiki - Ikepy]

JAWEYE [Takahashi Kousuke - Ueda Kouhei]


Septaluck [Fin]

Septaluck [KAT]

Septaluck [Chu]

Septaluck [Uchi (in clown costume plus the live house crew and Wrong City vocalist on the back)]

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