Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 - 2015

Let's be honest, this year is not my favorite year. Some bad things such as losing my favorite job happen and kinda broke my heart. I didn't know I can have a broken heart just because losing a job XD.. then goes to some kind of deep depression .. and back rising up. Well you know, this year just like the other normal people life XD.


Other great things happen.. and here are little preview what happen with me in 2014 :

Me .. become Youtubers fans :

While I'm being sick back in March and have to spend the day at home unable to go anywhere for a week. I spent my time watching youtube. And since I set my 'country' as Japan. I stumbled into some popular Japanese youtubers, they are Hikakin, Seikin, Hajime Syacho, Leon Channel and some other fun channel.

I talked about Hikakin soo much, I made some of my friend finally recognize him .. thanks to me XDD

Me .. fall in love with this guy :

It all start when I said 'Happy New Year' and he said something like, to not forget our meeting before. Since then I can't stop thinking of him.. he even kinda saved me from my deep depression.

I love you (ᐥᐜᐥ)♡ᐝ (whispering .. "this is only a one side love, btw")

And talking about the band..

Me .. and Silhouette From The Skylit :

Silhouette From The Skylit finally grabs their winning prize as the winner of Red Bull Live On The Road (RBLOTR) 2013 by doing some RBLOTR shows and of course, going to New York to record their songs as the main prize 

They also releasing an EP, a Full Album and a Single in a year : 


Full Album


They also released 3 PV on youtube

They also have shows as like in Summer Sonic (along with RBLOTR tour) and as the opening in KNOTFEST JAPAN 2014 .. I just love to see these guys grows.

Me .. and グッドモーニングアメリカ :

Anyway, beside Silhouette From The Skylit, I also love Secret 7 Line and Septaluck. But.. lately, I grow my interest at these guys グッドモーニングアメリカ (Good Morning America) ... 

I know about GMA since I know the owner of Kick Rock Music, since he's their manager. But I don't really into them back then. 

Not until I finally hear their song which been used for Dragon Ball Kai

And this is their full PV

After they hit me with this song... they strike me again with their next song

Ok, that's it.. I'm done.. totally done when I finally watch this.. something what I called as MY MOST FAVORITE VIDEO IN 2014 XDD

Me .. and DARTH MAUL :
Got myself a few of Darth Maul stuff for this year..

My Donald Maul of course is my personal favorite. 

So, my resolution for 2015 will be.. to spend more money for Darth Maul-sama XDD. And I wish I could go abroad again, since I didn't have any trip for this year, which is kinda sad :(

2015 ... COME!!

Obtw .. my 2014 treasure are :

SFTS - 2nd EP + 2nd Album

Album + Single

My baby BOTOL!!! ^_^

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