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Silhouette From The Skylit EP 'The Great and Desperate' and 1st Album 'Arche' review ~Fangirling Style

Finally, I got this two Silhouette from the Skylit EP 'The Great and Desperate' (which makes me quite desperate to buy it, BUT also makes me as the proud owner of the last piece of The Great and Desperate in Shibuya Tower Records ^^) and Silhouette from the Skylit 1st full album 'Arche'

I really must say thanks to my friend D☆RKH who already go here and there to find these for me and Seishiro-san (er~ yes, the vocalist of this band himself (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ) (*゚ー゚)ゞ for give me the information there's the still one CD left at Shibuya's Tower Records 
*and to tell my friend to run and grab it ・゚・(ノ∀´゚)・゚・ but it's all worth it.

Anyway this entry will be a long one lol, but I will try to review all the songs that I played nonstop since last night from both album .. will write with my own style and in my own humble opinion .. so don't really trust this entry, because you have to listen SFTS songs by yourself..

And for every people who never heard any Silhouette from the Skylit songs, well.. you are lost souls

WARNING : Every protester for this entry will have personal bites from me HAHA~

Before we start, Silhouette From The Skylit are :

left to right : Tetsurouw (ba), K.O.U. (dr), Seishirox (vo), Rockwell (gui)

Let's start with 'THE GREAT AND DESPERATE', there's six songs to hear :

1. Raise Your Voice
First time listening to this song and LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ^^; This is just the correct song for a starter, the beat and everything makes you want to ride your car in high speed! *huh?? what the hell am I talking about here ┐(‾.‾")┐ ┌("‾.‾)┌

2. Skyline
Actually I've heard this song before, I've found someone who rip this song as mp3, but I'm not sure if I could put it in here (→o←)ゞ .. well this song have a fast beat and.. mmh~ how to say this??
.. do you think I made my point clear enough?? I'm not sure about this ahahahaha.. =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ^∀^)ノ

3. Chiper
Never heard this songs before, but the intro makes me feel like I was in a game land ^_^ *grabs my PS3 stick (And somehow I've been thinking playing the PS3 game with Tomo XD *get slaps)

4. Fake and Going to Fade
Well, the first PV from Silhouette from the Skylit is for this song

And here's another video from Kou-san while he's playing Fake and Going to Fade live (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♡

5. Rainfall
Mmh~ slow song .. not really my type (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ .. it's my first time to listen to this song .. perhaps.. just perhaps this song will be good to hear when it's raining hahaha, damn it! what kind of review is this -_-

6. Take Other One, She Said
I've heard this song from mp3 rip off. Again, not really my type. But somehow.. somehow .. SOMEHOW!! I can't get rid the chorus out from my head (#`ε´#) what the hell is going on here??

♪ƪ(´▿`♪)♬(♪´▿`)ʃ♪  ♪ƪ(´▿`♪)♬(♪´▿`)ʃ♪  ♪ƪ(´▿`♪)♬(♪´▿`)ʃ♪

And now, let's go to Silhouette From The Skylit 1st full album Arche. This album contains 12 songs. I've heard Seek my Way Out, California Gurl and .. I have watched Fake and Going to Fade -Acoustic Ver. at Silhouette TV

1. Seek my way out
The second PV from this band is from this song.
Actually I have to admit something.. This song, this very song which made me turns all my attention to this band ...

Fall in love completely with this band and start to know deeper about this band (which end up knowing at least three of this band members collecting Bear Brick LOL)

And seeing Seishiro-san in this video somehow looks so fresh and different from image that I have before  ..
(#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ I mean the way he looked at this 0:17 minute it just so KYAA~~ (◦♥∀♥◦人)

And of course the song.. this kind of song could be received well by almost any kind of music lovers ..

2. Parallel Lines
A great song with fast beat .. so go ahead, head bang or rolling on the floor .. yeah do that! please XD

3. Hero Killed in overnight
Another great song with fast beat.. BUT! Somehow, this song intro quite similar with Parallel Lines, when I skipped Parallel Lines, and started to listen this song I got confused, have I skip the song or not LOL

4. Rusty Bell
A song with less beat than two above song. This song somehow sounds American, you could smell McDonalds here hahaha.. just kidding. It's Burger King instead *nods

5. Fleeting Story
Another song with American feel even more McDonald than Rusty Bell's .. if you know what I mean *hula dance

6. Stay in the Middle
a slow song with all English lyrics .. when Seishirou-san sing "Where am I falling?" somehow I got the image when Hulk falling down to this barn at The Avenger with no clothes

er~ why?? well, just because ... LOL, ok next song

7. Cross the Rubicon
First of all.. what is Rubicon? O_o .. well it's a great song, but what is Rubicon?? *first world problem

8. See Me Falling
Another song with all English lyrics .. wait.. is this got to do with the process when Hulk falling down from the Avengers Helicarrier to the barn .. *and after this I got sliced by Seishirou-san (っ´༎ຶД༎ຶ)っ

9. California Gurls
This is covered song of Katy Perry. Honestly, at first I don't really fancy this song. I like Katy Perry version better. I need to drill myself to listen to this song over and over again phew~ but now, I found no problem to listen to this song.. tho I'd still rather to sing it in Katy Perry's voice instead of Seishirou's =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ^∀^)ノ

Here's how California Gurls sounds

The other thing that's makes me feels what Indonesian said as 'Ga nyante' is because, when I heard this songs at first.. somehow I think of these four fine men are on the beach.. in Bikinis (|||❛︵❛.)

Yeah I know, this is sucks I did this in a hurry .. plus I'm a bad photoshopper, so live it!! XDDD .. but somehow I'm amazed with how sexy Tetsurou is *nods ..
"You look fine gurl!!" =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ^∀^)ノ

10. Lights and Shades
dd('ε`●) Every time I've heard this song, the intro always catch my ears

11. Sapphire
Now, how should I comment about this song? It's.. a song which is not really my type hahaha

12. Fake and Going to Fade - Acoustic Ver.
I have to tell, I like the original version .. but anyway I've saw this Fake and Going to Fade in Acoustic Version at Silhouette TV
*SFTS have their own Ustream Channel, which they need to use it again, so I could see them talk live, even tho I have stupid connection. But you have to go on air again guys, really.. please consider it.. XD*

I would love to give you the links, but my bad.. I forgot which video that contains the acoustic version on stage by Seishirox and Rockwell. So let me provide you with the picture and just try to imagine these two guys playing inside your head LOL

Well.. That's all for the useless review.

One thing you should to know, These two album are my treasures, and the best album I ever had in my whole life! *bias alert 

I think these guys can't be human. No human can make these kind of great sounds *again, smells of bias alert LOL

And for you who live in Jakarta - Bekasi area, in the future you could hear some of Silhouette From The Skylit songs on 90,2 BEE FM .. at their program Shibuya Big Buzz (Japanese music and info radio program. LIVE ON AIR every Saturday at 8pm till 11pm only)

I also try to make IroIro program at Trax FM 101,4 Jakarta to play their song too (。-`∀・)b we'll see and wish me luck

Last but not least, tho I already tell this in person .. Again I want to say thank you to all Silhouette From The Skylit members, Seishirou-san, Kou-san, Tomo, Tetsurou-san (why I didn't put -san on Tomo?? Well that's because he told me to call him as Tomo XDD) .. to all their great effort and all hard work making all these great songs ..

I really wish a lot of people around the world will listen to their song, accepted it and love it .. because these guys seriously deserve  it!

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