Friday, October 12, 2012

3 drummers

Lately there's like 3 drummers in my life ^^ 

1. K.O.U - Silhouette From The Skylit

He's a drummer from a Japanese Indies band which I have writen before in here (Silhouette From The Skylit - Fangirling Style) ..

Actually I can't say much, because I know every words I say will be a total bias LOL .. just say he's my number one drummer ^_^~♥ there's just something about him that I can't explain hahaha. 

I just love Silhouette From The Skylit and Ueda Kousuke toooooo much!! So yes, once again .. everything I said, I believed will be biased  (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

Just say he's one of this energetic drummer with the most expression I ever seen ^_^

Anyway, this is a video of Kou-san playing, please watch it (^人^) 

* Btw should I say Kou-san upload this video to youtube because I asked him to? XD ok, nvm lol

2. Baard Kolstad - Rendezvous Point

Baard is a Norwegian. I know him after trolling in my favorite site which like to give video links. There's no name at the clip, the title said the best street drummer or something like that.

And when I watched it I can't agree more with the title hahaha.. then one of the comments reveal, this drummer name is Baard, he was in Norwegian got talent participant.

So I search him, and found him. Add him in facebook and once or twice do little communication through facebook.

The coolest thing is when he start a band, and he invite me to his first single launch.. And I go like, "Baard, I'm in Jakarta, this event is in Norway XD" But anyway it doesn't matter since he wants to show to people his band new singles.

But somehow, I'd rather to see Baard playing solo, and doing street performance, since he's more entertaining to look at there ^^.

So, this is Baard, when he did his street performance. Yes watching him doing street performance is much better than watching him playing in a show :(

3. Monchang

Last, is Monchang. 

His name is Mondo, but he told me to call him Monchang ^_^ .. he follow me on twitter and I follow him back. From his profile he said he was in a band called heathen el. crow, he also put two youtube links in his profile which I check.

I saw the way he play his drum, and fall in love XD .. so I told him that I want to see him playing drum again, and around 2-3 days after that, he made a video .. and I'm stunned ^^ he really make a video woohoo!!!

Here is his video ...

in 2 days there's already 100 views, 3 days 200 views etc .. When I told him I want him to make another new video, he told me he will, after his current video hits 1000 plays ^_^ 

Btw Monchang is looking for a band, he lives in Nagoya .. he must join a very cool band .. he must ^_^ either way it will be a waste.

I really love to see him play his drum ^_^)b

Most of all, why I choose these three drummers? Because I do communicate with them. All of them are nice drummers, and I wish all of them will be great drummer in the future ლ(╹◡╹ლ) 

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