Monday, July 18, 2005

HarPot 6 resume

Ahaa!! Finally finished to read that book on two full days!!

read it on your own risk!!

Well the story just.. so dragging -_- ... it's even worse than the 5th book!! Such a dull start... but thank GOD it's getting interesting on some last chapter.

The story involved some love chemestry that won't do any good in real world! I mean, you can't expect that kind of chemestry in real life.. get a grip!!

There's so many name that I can't recall all at once for GOD sake!!

There's a shocking death.. it's such a great lost! But you've must read it your self!

And in the end of it.. I can't wait till the 7th book is released...

But still most of all!! The story just way so dragging -_-

-Die-chan who always gained her English ability everytime she started to read all those English text book ¬_¬-

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