Saturday, November 06, 2004

dari pada bengong.. mending ngisi quiz huehehe... all these result are done by first attempt!! -_-

Psycho le Cemu: You should be wondering how you've lasted this long... at least they're trying though, ne?
Which Jrock band are you stuck on a deserted island with?

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yaay!! Walo sepertinya ini result paling buluk .. tp siapa yang ga mau menghabiskan waktu di pulau kosong bareng Seek :p

Psycho le Cemu
Your Psycho le Cemu! ^-^
Which of MY favorite J-Rock bands are U?
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Hihihi.. another PLC gampang sih kalo yang ini!

You are Pierrot
What Visual Kei Band are you?
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Mwaaaaaa... ga mau Pierooooottttt!!! Ada si K*htaaaaa!!! Hiiiyyy!!! Musuh kedua setelah Youichi hiks...

Seek school outfit
You are Seek!

The bassist of Psycho, seek is in 2nd place for
most quiet member. When he does talk, he talks
really slowly, but in a really cool way. He's
really great at lives, though, he moves around
a ton, and is the only member who really jumps
on top of the fans (which he does a lot,
compared to most bands). He really carries a
lot of their live performances, when there's no
parapara for AYA and YURA-sama to do. He's also
the sweetest member (could you tell with all
those piercings? ^^;), he's supposed to be
really conscious of other people's feelings and
the other members say he's like a mom. They
call him an "okan" (Osaka dialect
slang for "mother"). He's supposed to
be really serious, too. But he catches cold and
gets sick easily.
Which 'Psycho Le Cemu' member are you?
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meow, baby... don't ever cut that long gorgeous
hair. Although you inevitabley will. Afterall,
they all do.
What JRock hairstyle are you?
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Hihihi... long hair ya.. kok tau sih O_o

MIYAVI should suit you!
MIYAVI should suit you!
Which JROCK male should suit YOU?
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Bwahahahaha.. ngacoh pisan -_-

You're Yu~ki!
What j-rock bassist are you?
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Horeee... I miss Yu~ki too!!!!! Yu~ki dimana kaaaw??

Kirito is your slave...get ready to learn para para
and all of the Japanese cuss words he can throw
at you!
J-Rock Claim Quiz -Who would be YOUR slave???
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Huwaaaaaa...... knp dapetnya diaaaaa mwaaaaaaa..... T_T

I like my Jrock: Hyper Para Beat!
You're Hyper Para Beat! Unable to stand still for
30 seconds, you need something to dance to
while still getting your rock kick. You think
para para dance is sexy and refreshing. Your
favorite bands probably include Gackt Job,
Dasein and of course Psycho le Cemu.
What's Your Genre Of Jrock?
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Hmm~ Jadi Dasein masuk ke J-rock ya? huhuhu~ sayang dah bubar huwee...~

you're pretty kung-fu totchi! don't fall over...
haha, you're totchi in a kung-fu mood!
what odd j-rock fashion statement are you?
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Mmm~ ya ok lah

You're most like Gackt and Mana (Malice Mizer)
Nothing is too dark for you, be it morbid
poerty, songs that chill the heart or a love
that will one day end in tragedy. You live for
the night.
What J-Rock Yaoi pairing are you most like?
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Wew dah banyak ya... kalo gitu sekarang saatnya untuk ngisi di LJ dan GJ huahahaha... bener2 kurang kerjaan nih gue :p

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