Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dynamic Trio southpark Version

Here it is.. Die-chan with her two loyal body guard.. err~ somehow nyahahaha~

Anyhow, you could make it in here

At first.. this is supposed to be..
Image hosted by
ME!! =P

But then I think.. this is all to much.. Die got red hair.. but Die-chan simply not.. selaen rambut merah kampungan eh bukan.. rambut merah seperti anak kampung yg keseringan ngangon kebo or ngejar layangan gitu lah ahehehe...

Then.. this is the whole team... ^_^

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Quite easy to make myself and Dimas.. tp rada ribet buat nyari rambut yg cucok buat karakter si Alvin ^_^ ...

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kyo said...

hehehe, jadi inget le sacralist versi southparknya x_x