Friday, May 14, 2004

Aaah fuck everything lah!!! >_<#

Pagi2 gue udah bete, bawaannya pengen meledak2 aja... SO yeah fwak fwak fwaaaaaak!!!!!!!!

If only I could put this feeling away somewhere!! Just drop dead everything!! I never feel so upset at very early morning like this!!

Oh God -_-, why I have to get through all this silly situation? Not silly actually just annoying! Finding a trojan stuck in my computer in early morning just a total disturbance in my life >_<# enough to makes me got more beat in my heart, and a spinning head!

And some other things just make it worst. The virus scan is stuck... bla bla bla, but one li'l releasing news is, I think the virus scan is going though it's moving slower than any laziest snail in the whole world!

-_- ... OK I get the massege now... BE PATIENCE ne~?? I never learn -cries- I just never learn. I never be patience in my whole life. EVER!!! There, I'm feeling a li'l bit cooler now -_-

Panicking it's always take control of me... now all I got just this disturbing spinning head effect that I got from my rush blood from my anger before -_- ... really need to kick my self ne ^_^.

If only my life could be more beautifull... -sigh- hell! I already got a beautifull life. But sometimes I just don't know how to enjoy it...

Aww~ this entry should be written in LJ instead of here... oh well -_- who cares!!

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